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Sequential attempts at user authentication using alphabetically ordered words stored in large files called dictionaries.

The success of the attack is based on two factors: a) the user needs to have used a word in common use as a password and b) that word is included in the dictionary list.

However, I wanted the Readynas Ultra for the general hackability with an x86 architecture.

Building a "real" Open VPN server for the Readynas is complicated for many people, but there is another alternative. This tiny program takes local UDP/TCP ports, tunnels them through a single encrypted (Blowfish) and compressed (zlib/bzip2) TCP stream, and splits them up into remote ports again at the server.

The more characters in a password, the greater the number of possible combinations, resulting in a longer processing time to decrypt the password.Recent events have yet again called into question the effectiveness of the password as a security measure and have us asking once more, ‘is this the end for passwords?’ as serious question marks over the safety of our data are raised once again.However this only solves part of the problem, since the signature still needs to be done manually.In Germany the so called n PA (neuer Personalausweis) is able to solve this problem by providing a qualified signature.

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