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Updating hyperlinks

However, the issue with hyperlinks arises when you begin to think about how this will affect the user experience when creating a printed version of the output. Cross-References have the advantage of dynamically changing based on your output types.For an online output, a Cross-Reference might look and feel just like a normal hyperlink.This video demonstrates how to add leader dots to table cells to help readers track across columns.Leader dots are most commonly used in the first column in a Table of Contents.When a hyperlink is clicked, the Destination sheet is activated and cell B2 will display text showing which hyperlink was selected.

When navigating the user to the right content, there’s two ways to point them to the right direction: hyperlinks and Cross-References.The process of finding a hyperlink is the same as finding an ordinary word in Infix, or in any similar word processor application.You’ll find the dialog under Edit in the toolbar, and then Find.A hyperlink is a way for you to architect how a user will get from one place to another.Typically they are blue and are underlined, and when a user clicks on it they will be taken to another place, whether it be to another topic, a bookmark in another topic, or to an external website.

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Click on the table to access the row and column indicators.