Speed dating in the church

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Speed dating in the church

Within minutes, you can be chatting to people you might never otherwise encounter, even if you live down the road from them.

Lots of people have met partners this way – check out the success stories at Christian Connection.

But inevitably, I had to be honest and call the two-hour event what it actually was: speed dating. On one hand, I could easily convince myself that attending such an event (and paying for the privilege) was a fun, practical and possibly even productive was to meet new people, make new friends, and maybe make plans to go on an actual date.’ ‘I meet girls at work and through friends, but never any that share my faith,’ said a guy online.‘There’s only one single lady at my church, and she’s nearly 80!Churches/Synagogues: The experts agree that couples with similar faiths often have higher success rates than couples whose beliefs are very different.That is why places of worship can be such a great place to meet a date.

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In addition, a coffee shop is the kind of place where you can hang out by yourself; it is, of course, always easier to meet a potential date if you're not surrounded by a group of friends.

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