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Shearing the same roof when dating

Critics have praised the composition for its ordered portrayal and integrated scene.

There are approximately 112 identifiable proverbs and idioms in the scene, although Bruegel may have included others which cannot be determined.

Openings such as windows and doors are typically handled using one of the shear wall methods with openings permitted in the American Wood Council’s document, Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS), in the section on perforated or force transfer around openings (FTAO).

Wood Works also has a few calculated examples of these small opening checks.

The FPInnovations document, Design Example: Designing for Openings in Wood Diaphragm, covers their recommendations on when a diaphragm analysis is necessary for small openings.

Their design criteria is presented on pages 15 and 16.

"Having one's roof tiled with tarts", for example, which meant to have an abundance of everything and was an image Bruegel would later feature in his painting of the idyllic Land of Cockaigne (1567). Just above the central figure of the blue-cloaked man another man carries daylight in a basket.

The average dormitory acceptance rate is 14%, which is very low, so shortage in housing is becoming a social issue.

The painting's original title, The Blue Cloak or The Folly of the World, indicates that Bruegel's intent was not just to illustrate proverbs, but rather to catalog human folly.

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In brief, the document recommends that an analysis for a diaphragm with an opening be carried out except where all four of the following conditions are satisfied: Although this document is specifically written for diaphragms, the same principles could apply to shear walls. Shear walls have not been tested with specific goals of providing recommendations regarding small holes.

Additionally, if applying these recommendations to walls, the small openings in question are typically restricted to MEP openings.

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