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She was recognised as one of ‘Top 50 Inspiring Women under 40′ by Her World Singapore in July 2010 and ‘Top 100 Inspiring Women by Cozy Cot Singapore in March 2011.

Debra attempted to kick her daughter out of the house and violently pushed her husband when he interceded, according to police sources.

Then, in March 2015, the heavily made-up ghost hunter was busted again for domestic battery, but this time she used a grapefruit knife on her husband, whom she seemed in love with on the popular Travel Channel show, sources said.

The fiery redhead drunkenly slashed Mark’s forearm during a heated argument over their finances in their kitchen, authorities said.

The mother collapses at the funeral, and spends the next month in the hospital crippled with atypical grief.

The father, a therapist, is skeptical of the psychiatric care she is receiving and takes it upon himself to treat her personally with psychotherapy.

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Osmann, a skilled photographer, started the series back in December 2013.

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