Sagitarrius dating

Posted by / 15-Nov-2017 07:04

Both Leo and Sagittarius are fiery, passionate, loyal, and playful.

These common characteristics can foster a strong bond between the two; however, some aspects of these two fiery and fun individuals just don't click and without consideration can cause conflict that can either flame the fires of passion or put it out.

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Sagittarius are known for saying the 'painful truth', but on the other hand, people know that they can trust what they say because they always say what is real. They are likely to always be running late and miss a date, but this is only because they are so forward thinking that they forget about the present.He usually has a crowd of friends around him and one can seldom find him alone.To get closer to him, one has to move through the crowd to do so.They are willing to try anything if it will make their partners happy and satisfied.They are idealistic, and they enjoy having a certain amount of freedom, even if they are in a relationship.

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