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Raymond’s father, wealthy real estate developer, Lam Kwok Wah (林國華), allegedly disapproved of Karena due to her family background and colorful romantic past.

Dating Karena for a Period of Time Afraid that the rumors will only become increasingly slanderous towards Karena and her family, Raymond finally stepped forward on February 6 to announce that he is indeed dating Karena.

His father, Lam Kwok-Wah (林國華), is a real-estate property developer in the mainland referred to as "Xiamen's Li Ka-shing" (廈門李嘉誠) who sits on the board of seven real estate and construction companies.

Raymond has a younger sister and a younger brother.

Last month, Karena’s high-profile attendance of Raymond’s “A Time 4 You” concert sparked rumors that she is ready to flaunt her status as Raymond’s girlfriend.

Tabloids speculated that Raymond was even partially living together with Karena, and paying for her entire family’s living expenses at luxury apartments.

Her appearance was very casual and possessed no trace of a celebrity.While his first languages are Cantonese and Hokkien, Lam studied in Kiangsu and Chekiang Primary School, a primarily Mandarin-speaking primary school in pre-Handover Hong Kong and is thus also fluent in Mandarin and English. Following that, he studied architecture in Xiamen University for 1st Year, and then completed the rest at University of Southern California, majoring in architecture and minoring in music.Raymond Lam's childhood dream was to become a professional dancer. Lam attended the 13th TVB artists training class in 1998 as an auditing student and was offered a contract with TVB upon graduation in September 1998.Raymond Lam (林峯) announced today that he is dating 19-year-old Karena Ng (吳千語), hoping to put a stop to the last 3 weeks of negative press regarding his “BB”.The Hong Kong paparazzi has been on the hot trail of Raymond and Karena’s romance since the Love is…Pyjamas costars were spotted on a date together in July 2012.

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Raymond Lam (born 8 December 1979) is a Hong Kong actor and singer.

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