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Bakos, Penthouse magazine's former "Dear Superlady of Sex," barely disguises her subjective stance as she interviews (chiefly heterosexual) men and women from around the country to learn about sexual behaviors arranged "in order of ascending kinkiness, beginning with behaviors common to many of us, such as anal sex, light spanking, and bondage, progressing through heavier forms of kink, such as the master-slave relationship and the sort of masochism that sends its practioners to the hospital, even the grave." Written in the breezy style of a magazine article, the book also includes cross-dressing, amateur adult videos, group sex, and body piercing, but ultimately this prurient, judgmental exercise offers little that can't better be found elsewhere. Much of what is written isn't considered kink by those who truly practice it, but for those who have never explored beyond the bed or the back seat of the car would find it very interesting.

In one of the best season finales of all time, "An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux," Carrie is adjusting to her new surroundings.

For interested readers unmotivated to do their own surveys. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. I would love to know what spurred the author to do the research on this book.

Bakos begins with the mildly adventurous-those involved in anal sex and spanking-then moves on to S&M, both straight and gay, paid domination, fetishes, body piercing (which she sees as linked to S&M) and swing clubs.The group, Azad Genclik Teskilati (Free Youth), claims "hidden cameras are installed on the premises of all...hotels without exception," and that footage made with the cameras "can later be used against tourists for blackmail." The corporate headquarters of major international hotels in Baku have given assurances that they have policies in place to protect guests' privacy.But the concerns arose after hidden cameras were used in some Azerbaijani hotels to make secret sex videos of opposition journalists and critics of Azerbaijan's government -- violating their right to privacy in an attempt to blackmail them and silence dissent."Lack of freedom pushes people into living by double standards." "Tehran Taboo" turns on Pari, a hooker with a heart of gold who takes her mute son with her to work on the streets, a relatively common practice in Iranian cities, Soozandeh said.Forced into prostitution because her jailed drug addict husband won't give her a divorce, the judge who refuses to sign the papers makes her his mistress.


Most viewers didn't think twice about the appearance of the flowers, but the show's producer had a more meaningful reason behind Carrie's floral choice.