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He had finished his coffee before I arrived, which I thought was somewhat odd. I tried my best to talk about things like friends, family, and our jobs.

Then he got up, the universal sign for being ready to go, and told me he was going to go home. Our date had only been “officially” happening for 10 minutes.

I’ve been single for almost two years.” Lily wants to date someone who is “low-key, friendly, adventurous, and funny.” I met Bobby when I was trying a new dating site. He was somewhat reserved, but he was generally easy to communicate with. I arrived 20 minutes early — I don’t like being late. I asked him what he was looking at, and he said he was looking at his car. He said he had had the car for a long time, and that it was very loyal to him.

They are very current, taken within the last couple of months. Every time, Bobby would change the topic to his cat, or his car. I didn't even have the opportunity to learn more about him.The numbers were pulled from a hat and corresponded to numbers inside a heart on a Ford Fusion key chain that each speed dater received on arrival."You will have seven minutes to spend getting to know that person who is sitting next to you in the front seat of the 2006 Ford Fusion, and I would encourage you at the conclusion, if you have any questions, to go to " For those who have missed it, speed dating is designed to hasten mate finding.Speed dating seems a natural evolution of the sex-based auto advertising that dates to early in the past century.Lily is 38 years old, lives in midtown, and works in education. When I asked why, he said he wanted to make sure he was meeting the right person. I told him I'm allergic to cats, and that I'm not a cat lover. I thanked him for his time, and told him I’m a very honest person and didn’t want to lead him on. He replied with one word: “OK.” We never contacted each other again.

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